Needless Errors

iStock 000028942762Errors SizedBecause your resume is an advertisement for your expertise and professional talents, with concrete examples of those skills, then we darn well had better say a lot with a very few words. Less is more. Bank on it. Here are a few common errors made by job seekers when penning their resume.

1.)    Effective resumes have an executive or management summary at the top of the page. That’s a good thing. The goal is to grab the reader’s attention and hold it. Unfortunately, the number of resumes I see every week with 20-30 concepts in that section is astonishing. That’s a bad thing. It’s too much material and will not be read.

2.)    Lowering the font size to an ill-chosen number is another miss-guided effort to say too much. When something is difficult to read,
the person reviewing the resume will not read it.

3.)    What about accomplishments? Did you do something that caused revenues to climb? A successful new territory to be opened? Develop a new process that helps operational efficiency? Direct a successful merger? Orchestrate a significant cost reduction? And/or many other types of professional results? If examples are not on the page, why not?

4.)    Any accomplishment you can think of, whether in business, sports, military, the arts…any field…showcases specific areas of expertise and knowledge. That expertise is what you’re selling. Are those concepts front and center on your resume? Make certain. We’re talking about your career.

Simply put, your resume is one of the most important work-related documents you will ever create. Its development is far too important to be in the hands of anyone other than a skilled professional writer.

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