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iStock 000012021948Resume SizedA skilled writer will play a critical role in opening doors you never thought possible. If your resume is poorly crafted, those doors can stay closed for a long time. It is imperative that you exercise due diligence in your choice, and be comfortable with the personal fit. We are, after all, dealing with the written portrait of your career.

In this project, there is no room for mediocrity or lack of experience.

Your resume is your personal sales brochure. It’s an opportunity to tell the reader your professional story, while shining the brightest possible light on actions, expertise and results attained. I would suggest that your resume is too important to be written and designed by anyone other than an accomplished wordsmith.

Resumes created by CDUSA dot the Fortune 500 and are found throughout the United States at the highest levels of corporate America. Your written presentation should immediately grab the reader’s attention and play a critical role in attaining job meetings. Given those results, signing on with CDUSA is an investment in yourself and your career. The potential return on your investment is outstanding.

Selecting your writer is a tough job. There is no shortage of utterly worthless information on the Internet about what a resume is, and what it is not. However, if you keep the following specific guidelines in mind you’ll be well ahead of the curve.

What is the background of your writer in career coaching?

An excellent start is reading over the writer’s profile on LinkedIn, offering you a sense of the business acumen belonging to the writer. I have over 19 years of outstanding results as a senior career advisor and coach for CDUSA, and two other national leaders in the field of career development. That record, and the people who have placed their trust in my shop, are sources of enduring professional pride.

Does the person crafting your career summary have any professional writing experience, other than resumes?

Your resume will summarize your career progress, and may be viewed by a large number of individuals. Word flow, syntax, brevity and a laser-like focus on critical concepts are not talents easily obtained. In fact, it’s clearly possible to be an expert in this field without being an expert writer. If, however, your primary need is a resume to showcase your professional value then ask questions…probe…and trust your instincts.

In addition to creating thousands of resumes and client letters, I’m a professional journalist. Human interest stories and hard news articles have appeared in:

  • Affiliates of United Press International
  • The Tampa Times
  • The Louisville Courier Journal
  • Sports Weekly

Whether cover letters, your resume, follow up letters, a biography or a proposal, the work must be skillfully prepared and submitted in a way to maximize readership.

How is the personal fit?

A sound resume creative process requires more than a template. It demands a writer who will spend the hours necessary to know you both as a person and a “marketable product.” At CDUSA, nothing is written until we have a meaningful understanding of your career highlights and the expertise that produced them. By providing that level of service, we hope to build a long term business relationship with you.

What is the company’s policy on updating its work?

We are available to update your resume at any time with new jobs and new challenges met. Professional writers will charge a small fee, but it’s a fraction of your original outlay. And here is another benefit of working with an established company; we will be in business when you need us. A resume from CDUSA will always reflect your finest professional accomplishments.

Is it better to work with a local writer or someone broadly experienced in writing for executives nationwide?

That depends. Your primary goal is to partner with a writer who has the expertise to create a document that will produce job meetings. Many skilled writers work only with individuals from the same geographical area. If that writer is talented, persistent and loves the work, he or she may grow professionally to work closely with upper level management on a national scale.

Considering the widespread use of the Internet, social media, telephone, email, and video conferencing, there is little reason to limit your decision-making to local personnel. There is every reason to have concrete and satisfactory responses to these guidelines.

What kind of fee should I expect to be charged?

There is no one answer to this question. What’s critically important is that you have a precise answer to the question, with no possibility of it climbing higher during the information gathering and writing phases. Generally speaking, looking for the lowest price may cost you dearly in the long run. Most importantly, when you see ads that “guarantee” a job in a certain amount of time, or a refund of your money, walk the other way. Do it quickly.

Highly effective resumes do not come from typing services, with a listing of dates and responsibilities and little else. If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you already know that. Our work is interpretive in nature, and will communicate to the reader why you might be a candidate for their management team.

Will a resume from CDUSA guarantee a job meeting and an offer? Not a chance.

Will that resume maximize your chances of obtaining that meeting? Without question.

And consider this. We bring to the table a dedication to your personal success that is unsurpassed by anyone, anywhere.



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