Job Satisfaction

iStock 000020165401Satisfaction SziedSuppose you were to ask me what part of my career is the most satisfying or, given the long hours and hard work I put in, when do I find time to ever smile while on the job? Others have asked that question. And my response hasn’t changed in a long time.

It’s when I read a testimonial letter, email or card.

That’s my answer.

When a client obtains new employment and writes to me, outlining how I played an important role in a life changing event I feel fantastic! Great! Really good! It’s even better than when my folks gave me a two-wheel bike and I took my first ride around the neighborhood.

I am genuinely humbled by the success stories you have read. It has been an enormous privilege to work with these men and women, and to have played a part in guiding individuals through difficult times. I have made life-long friends through my role as career coach and advisor, and it’s with great pride that I can say to each and every client…thank you for letting me be a part of your life…and your success.



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