Frequently Asked Questions

iStock 000028528058FAQ SizedAre you a recruiter? Do you work with companies to fill specific openings?

No. Recruiters are paid by the company on either a contingency basis or on retainer. In either case, they do not represent the individual, but the corporation. It’s a costly mistake to think the recruiter’s loyalty is to you.

Exactly what does your company do?

We are one of the oldest and most respected resume writing and career coaching firms in the United States. We provide a range of job searching and career marketing services although, under all scenarios, a well-crafted resume is the first step and is billed separately from all
other services. 

What do you mean when you say “well-crafted resume?”

Resumes created by CDUSA are found in virtually all major industries and at the highest levels of senior management. It is imperative that your document outline precisely your key professional strengths. If not, your resume will be lost in the competitive chatter.

Tell me about your range of job searching services.

All of our work together will fall under one of three general areas: the resume creative process, training on efficient job searching activity and interview coaching. They are billed separately, and when an individual comes aboard for all three, he is a termed a full service client. This simply means we encourage frequent contact throughout the search to discuss strategy and the always present, “next step.”

What’s the cost for you to work with me on my resume?

I don’t know. There is no set fee, and there are no cookie-cutter documents written at CDUSA. The fee quote will depend on our estimate of the time and work involved in the project, requiring a no-cost 15-20 minute telephone meeting. Considering the impact our resumes have had on thousands of job seekers, it’s safe to say your ROI is the best you will encounter in the foreseeable future.

Do you guarantee interviews if I use your service?

That’s impossible. Job meetings take place, or not, based on many factors. Only a few would be your resume, telephone skills, networking abilities and cover letters. That said, reality is that CDUSA has placed thousands of job seekers in rewarding new positions. Our success trumps so-called “guarantees of interviews or employment.”

Do you specialize in one or two industries?

No. We have played a critical role in the success of clients looking for work in finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing, advertising, law, retail, customer service, engineering, computer science, public relations and many other fields. Our testimonials from well-satisfied clients are a source of great personal pride.

How long does it take for one of your clients to land a new job?

That depends on several factors, and I won’t give you a specific time frame, or “guarantee.” I can and will say that by partnering with the professionals at CDUSA, you have maximized your job-searching efficiency. 

Is there a particular client profile you work with?

Not at all. Over the years we have helped many senior executives making well into six figures. On the other hand, we’ve been instrumental in getting an individual’s career virtually started. Our services are offered on a menu basis, and our recommended level of professional involvement in your search depends on your needs and wants.

You mentioned ROI. How is paying your fee an investment?

How can it not be? Other than your health and your family, what’s more important than your career progress? If you obtain a rewarding new career even one month faster through the efforts of CDUSA professionals, your investment has been more than covered. If you win that position 2-3 months faster than by working alone, well, you do the math. And then give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation, and how we can help.



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