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jobsearchWhile a new client’s resume is always our top priority, CDUSA offers a full range of professional services to make your job search more rewarding and less stressful. If interested, we can help you produce interviews faster than you can on your own. Our programs are billed on a menu basis, with you controlling our level of service.

Resumes…Are your top accomplishments clearly highlighted on the page? What about your core areas of expertise and professional strengths?  Be sure. The stakes are high when dealing with your future. Our writers will craft a personalized marketing piece that will produce a genuine competitive edge.

Job Search Strategy…A CDUSA resume is a powerful start to taking control of your job search. Its impact will be even greater if you have an action plan to produce job meetings, a plan that will be our north star in structuring your job campaign. And be assured that endlessly responding to job ads is never the center-piece of any CDUSA program. We believe you control your search, not others.

Interview Coaching…Think hard about this fact of life…in searching for work, there is nothing more important than your skill and performance in the job meeting itself. A well thought out verbal strategy, based on your unique circumstances must be in place. By itself, this is one of the strongest investments in your career you will ever make.

LinkedIn Profile…Relationships matter, networking matters, and maximum efficiency in your job search will only happen when you take full advantage of this business networking site. And that means your profile is written in a style at once engaging, informative and concise.  

Letters/Email…Attention-grabbing cover letters are simply the start. The importance of follow-up letters or email cannot be over emphasized. We write letters for our clients that are tailored to individual opportunities, personalities and industries. Your success is worth the competitive edge of CDUSA materials and expertise.

Workshops…We provide all-day workshops for men and women at all levels of professional achievement. Valuable insights into effective job searching are gained through group interaction, with an intense focus on your professional abilities. You are provided leading edge materials and script outlines to help with your individual follow-up sessions and initiatives to select companies.

Salary Negotiations…It’s a fact of life that every day, in every community, thousands of dollars are left on the table by men and women accepting new jobs. Why? Because they don’t ask for what their abilities are worth in the marketplace. They don’t ask for the fair dollar value of the job being accepted. There are conversational “tools” that will help you earn what you are worth. Why settle for less?



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