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iStock 000019225196Coaching SizedIn a perfect world, the person most qualified would almost always be offered the job. This is not that world. The candidate most skilled in verbally describing expertise, talents and professional accomplishments usually wins the day, even if “qualifications” fall a bit short. Is this fair? Not really. Accurate? Without a doubt.

The hiring manager is considering bringing you on board to solve problems and to take advantage of emerging challenges. To guide the interviewer into your camp a rapport must be established, a comfort level, while making certain that the “rambling” disease doesn’t torpedo your chances. Brevity is a virtue.

To bottom line it, people hire people who exude confidence and who promote a sense of comfort for the company representative. Your skill
in this area, or lack of it, will most likely be decisive in your search.

Role-playing is awkward and a bit uncomfortable. Nonetheless, practicing responses to certain questions will help you immensely in your job campaign and long after you’ve joined your new employer. Specifically what can you expect from the CDUSA interview coaching process?

A statement of your key professional strengths, your personal introduction usually presented in less than a minute. There is nothing more critical in your career transition and it must be practiced! You have precious few seconds to make a first impression. Use them wisely.

You will be fully prepared to respond to difficult questions usually termed “behavior based,” as well as more traditional questions. We will work on effective answers to those areas you might prefer not to address.

Responses that we plan together will be built around your individual situation. They will be brief and energetic. And they will be effective. Your career growth demands nothing less.

If you want the job, then you must ask for the position at the right income level! Many people find this part of the job meeting most troublesome, especially when negotiating a fair compensation package. Even so, those negotiations must take place. Why? Because it’s a safe bet that the company’s offer is lower than what you deserve. And we can help.

To receive maximum benefit from interview coaching, a minimum of three one-hour sessions is required. Our focus will be on what you say, and every bit as importantly, how you say it.

Throughout your job search we encourage on-going telephone contact to help you better manage your presentation and strategies for every company you approach. Only a few examples of problems that may cause confusion and worse, no action at all would include:

  • How do I follow up my meeting? Email? Telephone call?
  • What was the most important point covered in the meeting?
  • I want to underline my value in a few words. What are they?
  • Should I push for a timeline in the hiring process?
  • I wonder if a suggestion to meet other senior executives might help?

The on-going problems and opportunities that present themselves in a job campaign are virtually limitless. As a full-service CDUSA client you are always part of a team. And your teammates are recognized experts in how to best structure your all-important verbal presentation.

More than one senior executive has termed this phase of our services “the best ROI I’ve seen in a long time.”

It is that, and I invite you call today to discuss exactly how CDUSA can impact your job search and your career.



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